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All-India architectural award for the restoration of heritage property......

 Raheem Residency, Alleppey Raheem Residency, Alleppey
Raheem Residency is a heritage hotel at Alleppey Beach, Kerala, in south India.

Famous for the award-winning restoration of this 1868 Alleppey landmark, our boutique hotel has also developed an international reputation for its portrayal of South Indian friendliness and warmth, an eye-to-detail in the sophisticated comfortable interiors, delicious food, and a very private pool.
Raheem Residency, Alleppey Raheem Residency, AlleppeyRaheem Residency, Alleppey
This heritage hotel has ten rooms all with different styles but sharing an indisputable heartfelt loyalty to their history. But the modern world impinges here and there, especially with FREE WI-FI!

This is an 1868 colonial property which was passionately restored in a classic, Indian style in 2003 by a small Indo-European private limited company. It is now recognised by the Tourism Dept of India as a genuine Heritage Hotel of India. Originally built by an Englishman it was the home of the Raheem’s, an eminent Alleppey family, for one hundred years. Expect an intimate personalised service that respects your privacy in a sophisticated Indian setting with echoes of the Raj. Raheem Residency’s heritage is rich and genuine.  
Raheem Residency, Alleppey  Raheem Residency, Alleppey Raheem Residency, Alleppey
Showing definite British colonial influences in its design, its history is documented back to the end of the 19th century when Mr Raheem’s ancestors, textile merchants, moved their family from Gujarat in northwestern India to the thriving port town of Alleppey. It was at this time that the Raheem family bought the existing colonial house and called it Raheem Bungalow.  
Raheem Residency, Alleppey  Raheem Residency, Alleppey
This ten-room boutique heritage hotel has a Main House, formerly the Raheem family’s residence which has six high-ceilinged en-suite A/C bedrooms, an airy Main Hall with original glass fanlights and window shutters, all furnished with antiques from Kerala.

Round the corner is the Begum’s Nook, the biggest room in the house but tucked away in its own tiny courtyard. And not too far beyond there’s the refurbished marriage hall, now three Deluxe rooms each with its own private balcony but which in the past played hosts to many local weddings,

Bachelor parties (no mention of spinsters!), several important political meetings including two reputed to have been attended by Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru. The front and back verandahs are the perfect spots for snoozing or for a quiet read from what Lonely Planet calls our ‘thoughtfully-stocked library’.
Raheem Residency, Alleppey Raheem Residency, Alleppey Raheem Residency, Alleppey
Adjoining the back verandah in its own private courtyard is the Velvet Apple Swimming pool (so called because of the Velvet Apple tree nestling there). The Apple Pool, named after the Velvet Apple tree in the courtyard, is a 14.7 metre pool imported from France.

Kerala is the home of Ayurveda, a 5000 year old system of holistic medicine and Raheem Residency has a fully qualified team of practitioners. If you need to de-stress, get away from the mental tension of a hectic lifestyle, detoxify the system, lose weight, and rejuvenate both mind and body, this is the ideal place for you. Rejuvenation packages start from 3-days upwards. Please apply to our office for further details. Traditional Ayurvedic Massage using special oils made from Ayurvedic herbs for rejuvenation, general health, toning the skin, relaxing the body and improving circulation. 60 minutes. 
Raheem Residency, Alleppey  Raheem Residency, Alleppey
Out door restaurant have a cooling drink outdoors and watch the ruby sunsets over the beach. Our restaurant, Chakara (‘plentiful catch of fish’), takes its name from the daily deliveries of fresh fish to our kitchen from the Arabian Sea across the road. Our culinary team will carefully re-create the great traditional and healthy dishes of Kerala - Alleppey Fish Curry, our signature dish; Seer Fish Mollie in a coconut milk sauce; Masala Prawns; Kerala Chicken Curry, Fresh vegetables and fruit are purchased daily and minimum fat is used in our cooking.

Chakara is in a semi-open space on an upper floor, looking out to the Arabian Sea. You may see the local fishing boats glide past as they deposit your dinner a little distance away from us.

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