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Chera rock beach house beautiful quiet countryside beach house on a white sandy beach in north kerala. Chera rock beach house lies in between two famous sea side cities of Kerala, kannur and telicherry,Eight kilometers away on both sides. A nice boat ride along the coast will take you to these cities.Or you can travel by road winding through the palm tree gardens and sea side villages. This private beach house is located 9 kms from Thalassery railway station, 10 kms from Kannur railway station and 68 kms from Kozhikode railway station. And we do offer free pick up from those stations. Chera rock beach house is a perfect hide out, and has a lot to offer for the urban bred tourists.
Chera Rocks, Kannur beach This lonely silent zone is an ideal destination for a relaxed stay and to learn and experience the rich tradition of Kerala in this silent hamlet. We offer you a relaxing stay in the ambience of a traditional Kerala home and assure you a homely exotic experience at our secluded beach house. We are sure that you will be enchanted by the unique atmosphere. Chera Rocks is a sea side village of historic importance, located in the city of Looms and Lores, Kannur. Chera Rocks offers miles of white sandy beach backed by swaying coconut palm trees!. A beautiful scene of forest green merging into sea blue,oil lit lights hanging out in floating boats, fisher men with fishing nets, the far view of temple tombs, just like a portrait drawn out of our traditional village life....
A real silent valley. Chera rocks beach is quiet and there is no sales person around! This is the right place to converse with the nature. Chera rocks is virgin territory on the beach side surrounded with green coconut palms that adds charm to this lonely secluded beach.. . This secluded Beach House with a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea is a salubrious environment to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. 
Chera Rocks,  Kannur Chera rocks beach house The eternal land of sun, sand and sea.. This Beach house in kannur is an ultimate beach side holidaying destination in north kerala. The secluded Beach house in kannur with the eco friendly environment is an ideal sport for meditation, yoga, ayurveda and complete relaxation.
The feast of traditional Kerala culture and the warmth of our hospitality makes you the feel of a real paradise in north Kerala, India. Chera Rocks has two types of accommodation, deluxe cottages and super deluxe cottages. (traditional Kerala cottages).
The infrastructure includes:

Country cottages with spacious, well ventilated rooms, 24 hrs hot water supply in the bathrooms. There are two separate houses in the beach. One house has two standard rooms facing the sea and the other house has 3 Non AC deluxe rooms very close (50 meters) to the sea. Cottages are designed in such a way that all rooms get a close view of the sea through the windows.
In addition, the roof of the super deluxe cottage is thatched using mud tiles and has traditional model bedroom suites including dressing room and bathroom. Moreover, the long and wide veranda gives you a chance to count the tides closely.
All cottages have tea and coffee facilities. Chera rock beach house Start your day with delicious Kerala breakfast, enjoying the scenic beauty and cool breeze from the sea watching the subtle charm of the ezhara beach and listen to the music of the sea under the cool green coconut groves, and the most delicate Kerala cuisine makes your trip a memorable experience . And another exiting feature of our beach house is our customerized food. 
Kerala cuisine is a combination of vegetables, tapiocas, sea food and cerials with a variety of spices which your tongue loves to taste. Here you get fresh sea food which is the main diet of coastal people. We donít have deep freezers or oven so everything served is fresh.
We do serve different dishes of great variety which includes traditional Kerala sadhya served in green banana leaves with payasam and papads in the most ethnic style. Our menu is short but well and we do have a gastronomic culture that caters to the taste of foreign visitors and Indians. We have evening barbeques, fresh grilled sea foods like lobster crabs mussels and much more are served on our beach. The evening dinner at chera rocks resort is a real opportunity for nature lovers and food delicacies to relax in the lap of nature, sip the most delighting tropical wines that quench your lust for tastes and to enjoy the delicate dishes, the culinary talents of our cooks!.
 Chera Rocks, Kannur beach Chera Rocks, Kannur beach
Chera Rocks, Kannur beach Chera Rocks, Kannur beach
October 2014 to April 2015

Superior room: Rs 5962 including breakfast, dinner and taxes.

Terms and Conditions

All rates are inclusive BREAKFAST AND DINNER (MAP)
All rates are inclusive all taxes
Children below 5 years complimentary
Children above 5 years is rs 600 including food (map)
Extra adult above 10 years Rs 1600 including food.(MAP)
lunch will be charged rs 300 per person if needed
Only superior room can have extra adult
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