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High Range Club is nestled in the High Ranges of Western Ghats in the State of Kerala, lies Munnar with its lush green tea plantations and breathtaking scenery interspersed with valleys, cliffs, gurgling brooks and streams.......... Bristling with wildlife and crystal clear trout streams, the enticing charm of Munnar is simply irresistible. Very little has changed over the years, with the High Range Club retaining its original character and ambience.
Membership of the High Range Club is restricted to corporate planters in Munnar. The High Range Club is affiliated to 41 clubs in the country and 2 overseas Clubs. The Club provides inviting, well-appointed accommodation for its members, members of affiliated Clubs and select visitors. Trekking, Trout fishing, Picnicking, Photographing… name any nature activity, there is something in Munnar for everyone, from the retired senior citizen to the youngest of the young. There are romantic woods to be explored, fantastic spots to be camped at without disturbing the abundances of flora and fauna you could never hope to find a better location than Munnar.

Year 1905. Named as The Gymkhana Club, a Planter's Club was started, with a loan of Rs.2500/- from the erstwhile Kanan Devan Hills Produce Co. Ltd., for the gentlemen planters of the High Range in Kerala. It was located on the present Golf Course with small pavilion built on the grounds. It was here the first coolie gymkhana for the workers of the Company was held. In the year 1909, the High Range Club was formally set up with furniture and fixtures, and was completed in 1910. It was one of the first planter’s clubs to be electrified and one of the few clubs to built as a residential club. Telephones were installed at the Club 1916. The Library was constructed near the present Nursery in 1916 but was demolished in 1925 after the floods that created havoc and changed the face of the hills and dales in the High Range. The present nursery and Ladies Room were made at the same site.
The first club to be affiliated to the High Range Club was the Trivandrum Club in 1915. In 1916, the first meet the Madhurai Meet was held. Lord Pentland, Governor of Madras visited the Club in 1916. Golf Course, grounds and Tennis Court were extensively damaged in the 1924 floods. But subsequently, they were all redone, Amateur Concert and Dramatic Society was formed in 1925 and closed in 1930! During the Indian Freedom Movement, an armory was built near the Club. However, no occasion to use the Armory arose in the High Range. The Lascar’s quarters are in use today as Club Staff Quarters. The Armory was also used as a cellar during the post World War II, when imported liquor was in short supply! The High Range School of Madupatty rented the Armory building from the club at a notional rent of Re. 1/- per year until 1987, when it moved to the present exotic location. The armory was converted to accommodation for visitors in 1987.
The First Class Compartment of the Kundaly Valley Light Railway, which was considered too heavy for the use of which it was built, was used as a Bar on the Gymkhana ground after the Railway became defunct in 1932. The last coolie gymkhana was held in 1940 and was attended by the Maharaja of Travancore. Club Grounds were threatened by the construction of a Decantation Chamber and head works of the Pullivasal Hydro Electric Scheme. Fortunately, the grounds were saved from total annihilation. Cottages were constructed in 1935 for the use of Moylam & Co. which constructed the Pullivasal Hydro-Electric Works. They were first used for visitors in 1941 and rented out at Rs.75/- per room per month. The Cottages were converted to self contained rooms, with enclosed verandahs, mosaic tiling, glazed windows etc. in 1979.
The Skittle Alley was designed and constructed in 1939-39. The Alley, rarely used for bowling, was used for lectures (1940), as a Games Room and Recreation Centre (1940-44). It was finally closed for bowling and opened for squash in 1958. Rugby was played at the Club grounds between 1925-1972. Billiard was thrown open to ladies for the first time in 1941. The first “away” meet was held in 1910 at Peermade. The first Indian to be made a member of the Club was the Dewan of Travancore in 1934. The first Indian to be elected on the Club Committee was in 1958. Diwali and Independence Day were celebrated at the club for the first time in 1972. W. O. Milne was the first planter to hang his hat (at the end of thirty years of continuous resident membership of the Club) in the Men’s Lounge, a tradition followed to this day. Within an area of 6 acres and a river forming its natural boundary, the old world charm of the high range club continues…

The distinguished Gentleman’s Lounge transports the visitor back in time to re-live an era long since past of swirling cigar smoke, dimly lit corners, period furniture surrounded by the hats of the pioneering planters who painstakingly fashioned Munnar and its Plantations into what the are today.
The spacious main lounge with facilities is ideal for business meetings and social get-togethers. There are 4 deluxe cottages, 6 deluxe double rooms and 5 cozy period double rooms in the Club’s Main building for those who wish to experience the ambience and comfort of years past.

The well-appointed dining room provides homely food, catering to every palate of every age group, including those with special dietary requirements.
Amenities and Services

There is an abundance of activity just waiting to be explored within and in close proximity of the Club. The Club has its own well maintained 9-hole golf course. Golf gear is available on request.
There are two billiards rooms, two Tennis courts, one Squash court, a Table tennis room, a Cards room and a well equipped Gymnasium with an attached steam bath. For those who wish to relax and enjoy a good book there is a well stocked Library and array of magazines with a special section for children. Children also have an amusement park and a room of their own. With helpful and courteous staff, the Club provides a complete holiday for the discerning visitor – a home away from home in every sense of the word!
Dress Regulation

Formal or National on notified occasion. Tie and Jacket after 7.00 p.m. on Saturdays. Visitors should be properly dressed when using the club (Main lounge, Dining Room and Cocktail bar) No collarless Tee Shirts permitted in any club rooms. Guests must adhere to club rules. Residents are requested not to wear Sandals or Chappals in any of the public rooms.

Children are not allowed to enter the Bars, Billiard or Squash courts. When taken to the Dining room, they must be accompanied by their parents. Children are also not allowed on the Golf course, or near the Tennis courts while play is in progress, unless accompanied by parents.
Tariff effective from 01 August 2011)
Room Category Season Rent Off Season Rent 15th June - 31st August  
MB – 1,2,3,4,5 & 6  
Single Rs 2965 Rs 2645  
Double Rs 3290 Rs 3020  
Extra Bed Rs 380 Rs  325  
COTTAGE – 1,2,3  
Single Rs 3395 Rs 3180  
Double Rs 3825 Rs 3500  
Extra Bed Rs 380 Rs 325  
COTTAGE - 4      
Single Rs 3610 Rs 3290  
Double Rs 4040 Rs 3720  
Extra Bed Rs 380 Rs 325  
COTTAGE – 5,6,7,8 & 9  
Single Rs 3180 Rs 2910  
Double Rs 3610 Rs 3290  
Extra Bed Rs 380 Rs 325  
COTTAGE - 10 & 11

Rs 4145

Rs 3825


Rs 4790

Rs 4470

Extra Bed

Rs 645

Rs 540

Rates quoted are without food
Food Rates
  Adult - Non Veg Adult - Veg Child < 12 Baby < 2  
Bed Tea Rs 10 Rs 10 Rs 10 According to Supplies  
Breakfast Rs 80 Rs 70 Rs 40    
Lunch Rs 225 Rs 175 Rs 110    
Evening Tea Rs 40 Rs 40 Rs 30    
Dinner Rs 225 Rs 175 Rs 110    
Total Rs 580 Rs 470 Rs 300    

1. In addition to the above tariff entrance fee of Rs 100 is charged per room for the first day of stay.
2. We cater to both vegetarians & non vegetarians and cover those on special diet.
3. Night temperature 15 Dec to 31 Jan is below 5 degrees Celsius
4. Rights of admission reserved.
5. We do not provide accommodation or food for drivers and/ or personal servants.
6. Maid servants are not permitted to stay in club accommodation beyond 6.00 p.m.
7. Room Service: 10% extra.
8. Resident guests are requested to order their meals at the reception (minimum one hour notice is required for the food to be served). For catering to Meals requested by the guests other than the club fixed menu minimum 4 hours notice is required.
9. Guests are advised not to keep any valuables in their room as the Club does not accept any responsibility for their safety. If required, cash and/or valuables may be deposited with the Executive Secretary against a signed acknowledgement. There is no charge for this amenity.
10. Affiliated Club Members are requested to be in possession of a letter from their parent Club or Membership Card for obtaining discount (i.e., 15% of room rent for a maximum of 3 days)
11. Foreigners are requested to fill in the Foreigners’ Registration forms available at Reception.
12. Personal servants are not permitted in any of the public rooms or to reside in the Club rooms. Ayahs are allowed only in the Nursery. Drivers are not allowed to remain in the front compound or in the main building and rooms of the Club at any time.
13. Dogs are not allowed inside the Club buildings at any time.
14. Entertainment of guest in the room is permitted only with the permission of the Committee or Executive Secretary.
15. Cancellation or advance checking out of rooms – No amount is charged if the room booking is cancelled before 15 days in season & 7 days during non season of arrival. If no information is received, one full day’s boarding for all persons for whom accommodation was reserved, plus room rent for the period reserved will be charged for a period up to a maximum of 5 days.
16. The club adheres to a strict dress code. Residents are specifically requested not to wear sandals or chappals inside the Club building. Collarless T shirts are not permitted inside the Club building at any time. Jacket and Tie is required on Saturday evenings after 7.00 p.m. when using any of the public rooms of the Club.
17. Children below 18 years are not allowed in the Billiards Rooms, Squash Courts etc. When taken to the Dining Room, they should be accompanied by parents. Children are also not allowed on the Golf Course, or near the Tennis Courts while play is in progress, unless accompanied by parents.
18. Golf Green Fee is Rs 500 for Indian Nationals and Rs 1000 for foreign nationals per day. For holders of IGU card the green fee is Rs 50 per day. Golf Kit can be provided on request for which the hire charges will be Rs 300 per day.
19. If Gym is used Rs 100 per hour will be charged.
20. Room heaters are provided on request for which Rs 100 will be charged per day.
21. Driver room is available for a rent of Rs 100 per day but food will not be provided.

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