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A simple guesthouse in a peacefull village Periyar Vegetarian meals

Kumily 685509, Idukki, Kerala, India. Phone: +91 487 2420556,  Mobile: +91 98471 78455, +44 70 3183 6701 (UK) Send us an inquiry

Indhrivanam, meaning "a sense of forest" in Malayalam, is a small guesthouse near Thekkady/Kumily. We offer one cottage, camping for up to 10 persons. Our tariff includes vegetarian and vegan food, refreshments and wireless Internet. The guesthouse is located in a quiet and peaceful village on 1.5 acres of land near the mountain ridge between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, giving you the opportunity get a real feel for local life, and to do light trekking.
We rely on rainwater harvesting, and coffee, fruit and vegetables are grown using organic growing techniques. Indhrivanam is located in the Western Ghats mountain range 10 kilometres north of Kumily/Thekkady on the mountain ridge between Kerala and Tamil Nadu in Chakkupallam village.

The detached stone cottage, constructed in 2010 from locally quarried white and red rock, is set in a peaceful location surrounded by old mango, jackfruit and coconut trees 50 metres from main building. The cottage has a traditional terracotta tile roof and consists of a front veranda (12m), bedroom (20m) and attached bathroom with hot and cold water.
The bedroom has double or twin beds, depending on the requirement of the guest(s), comfortable duroflex spring mattresses, mosquito screened windows, and mosquito netting for the bed. The bedroom is furnished with locally made cane furniture. The bathroom is equipped with a western style dry toilet with health faucet, shower area and wash basin.
Additionally, there are tea and coffee making facilities, filtered drinking water, mosquito coils, incense, torches/flashlights, towels, homemade soap (made from soapnut) and toilet paper. Due to the design and location of the cottage, the indoor climate is naturally around 20C, even when it is above 30C outside, meaning that there is no need for ceiling fans or A/C.
Cottage amenities

The cottage amenities include wireless broadband, electric kettle, coffee, tea, clean drinking water, board games, homemade soap, toilet paper, incense and mosquito protection.

Other amenities

Other amenities include laundry service, telephone and computer facilities, a very small library, music and motorbike.

If you decide to do a full or part time camping holiday in Kerala, i.e. travel with a tent, it is very easy to find somewhere to pitch it. Usually, the owner of a plot will let you pitch your tent for free or a small fee. You can pitch your tent on Indhrivanam for Rs 1000 per tent and enjoy the amenities and food that cottage guests are enjoying. The only difference being that the amenities and food are available from the main building. If you would like to camp, but are not travelling with a tent, we have two tents that you can use. They are Indian made tents of very good quality; water and insect proof. We don't have a dedicated area for pitching tents, which means that you can pitch it where ever you feel most comfortable on our 1.5 acres.

At Indhrivanam the food is vegetarian, and there are plenty of refreshments in the form of organic coffee, tea, fruit juices and lime sodas, plus homemade bread, cheese and cakes.
Food and drinks are free at Indhrivanam. The food is always vegetarian and mostly vegan. If you have any dietary requirements, please notify us when you make the booking so we can discuss whether or not we can cater for your needs. Concerning the food, Indhrivanam is like a homestay in that there is no menu. For breakfast you can choose between oat porridge, raw oats with raisins, nuts and fresh fruit, fresh homemade bread (often made from sourdough) with quite an amazing non-dairy cream cheese, jams, nut butters and fresh fruit.
If you prefer South Indian breakfast, e.g. uppumavu or appam/dosa with chick pea curry, this is also possible. Lunch is almost always an authentic Kerala meal; usually consisting of Rosematta rice, sambhar, thoran, avial, pickle and pappadam.Dinner is whatever you prefer. It can be from the Middle Eastern, Italian, North Indian or Kerala cuisines.
Coffee (organic, shade grown robusta and arabica coffee from Indhrivanam), tea (black, orange pekoe, green, and various herbal teas), and refreshments (always clean drinking water, fresh lime soda and often a seasonal fruit) are always available. Also, there will usually be homemade cakes and other snacks.
Tariff 2012 - 2013 on AP basis  

February - September

October - January

1 person Rs 3660 Rs 4500  
2 persons Rs 4220 Rs 5065  
2 persons + 1 child sharing bed Rs 4220 Rs 5065  
2 persons + 1 child with mattress Rs 4785 Rs 5625  
3 persons (with 3 beds) Rs 5345 Rs 6190  
3 persons + 1 child sharing the bed Rs 5345 Rs 6190  
3 persons + 1 child with mattress Rs 5910 Rs 6750  
Note: Below the age of 13 is "child". From the age of 13 is :person". One person and one child is always calculated as "2 persons". Two persons and two children is always calculated as "3 persons + 1 child".

1. In high season we only accept bookings of minimum 2 nights unless we happen to have a 1 day gap between bookings, which it would be beneficial to fill.
2. All amenities/meals are free. There is no reduction/increase in the tariff for customers who require fewer/more amenities/meals. All meals are available.


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