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  Kalpetta, Wayanad  

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Small hotel in nature, Wayanad, Kerala.
Edakkal Hermitage is a resort that aims to call attention to the little known Edakkal Caves and the beauties of eastern Wayanad. This is boulder country and the rooms at the resort are built around the rocks. The resort is on a smaller parcel of land and the theme of rocks and caves is beautifully echoed here.
Effortlessly binding history and traditional values, the Edakkal Hermitage combines spectacular vistas of nature and the timeless appeal of heritage of the nearby pre-historic Edakkal caves, with its warm ambience and vernacular architecture. It is in this amazing environ that one can be as captivated by the past as with the present. It is undoubtedly here that one can explore the essence of Edakkal to experience its magic.
One of the principal motives behind the conception of the Edakkal Hermitage was to call upon world wide attention to the significance and the value of the heritage that we as a nation have inherited in the form of pre historic etchings at the Edakkal Rock Shelters. Ever since the Edakkal Hermitage was established as a base camp, the interest in these rock shelters has risen to a great extent with an exponential increase in the visitor numbers.
The Hermitage has blended beautifully into the countryside without blemishing any part of nature. Even the amphitheatre that gives a ringside view has been designed aesthetically. We offer a host of visitor services an information centre, camping facilities and cottage accommodation. Other facilities include a little restaurant that serves traditional Malayali cuisine, a shop of souvenirs and books, and an open-air theatre for cultural and heritage events. Our cottages are named after various Paleolithic caves sites of repute from around the world. Size and nature of cottages were entirely based on the terrain available and the vegetation around it. Hence most of our cottages are perched on top of rocks and are wrapped around it.
Materials have all been locally sourced and needless to say the design adheres to vernacular trends. The tree house is about as close to nature as it gets with a completely bamboo based structure supported entirely on a tamarind tree and executed by the craftsmen from ‘Uravu; a locally based NGO unit that specialises in bamboo crafts and workmanship.

An Ayurvedic offering by the local hospital Ayur Kendra from Kalpetta is amongst the facilities that the guests may avail of during their stay here.

Dining in a natural cave lit with candles is a unique experience at the Edakkal Hermitage. A tiny, spanking new tree house, for a very intimate couple is an easy climb up a bamboo ramp and gives you views out to forever. The terraced premises are exquisitely laid out, with soft grass and veils of Jacquemontia. The hospitality is unobtrusive and there is a home- stay feel to the dining. The jackfruit thoran and morkuzhambu are to die for, and when we get our morning appams we hurry to pour coconut milk over them before they float out of reach.

At night, dinner in a cave is a magical experience. On other nights, we are told, tables are set up under the stars on the stage of the amphitheatre. The same amphitheatre the next morning is ideal for bird watching. The surrounding trees are teeming with golden orioles, red cheeked bulbuls, coppersmiths, drongoes and tiny flitting things that hide in the shrubs. In the infinite distance the hills float on an ocean of mist. And service with a smile is the motto as food is served at a separate dining area. The choice is mainly veg and non veg south Indian style. The package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
Tariff - Valid from 01st October 2012 to 31st March 2013
Cottage Type CP MAP AP  
  Single Double Single Double Single Double  
Standard Rs 2750 Rs 3000 Rs 3250 Rs 4000 Rs 3750 Rs 5000  
Deluxe Rs 3250 Rs 3500 Rs 3750 Rs 4500 Rs 4250 Rs 5500  
Extra Person   Rs 850   Rs 1350   Rs 1850  
Child 5 - 12 Years   Rs 650   Rs 900   Rs 1150  
Valid from 20th December 2012 to 10th January 2013
Cottage Type CP MAP AP  
  Single Double Single Double Single Double  
Standard Rs 3000 Rs 3500 Rs 3500 Rs 4500 Rs 4000 Rs 5500  
Deluxe Rs 3500 Rs 4000 Rs 4000 Rs 5000 Rs 4500 Rs 6000  
Extra Person   Rs 1100   Rs 1600   Rs 2100  
Child 5 - 12 Years   Rs 750   Rs 1100   Rs 1450  
CP= Accommodation & Breakfast.
MAP= Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner.
AP= Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner..

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