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Lift working with counter weight of water In Vythiri, North Kerala. 80 feet above on trees.

Jungle park, Vythiri. Wayand. Kerala, South India Ph: +91 487 2420556,  Mobile: +91 98471 78455, +44 70 3183 6701 (UK) Send us E mail

2 hours from Calicut airport or  5 hours from Trichur or 6 hours from Cochin airport or 3 hours from Mysore at an altitude between 3750 - 4500 feet, Vythiri is known for its evergreen rain forest and coffee, tea, cardamom and pepper plantations.


A totally dedicated Eco-lodge and ethnic houses built on trees with all basic facilities.


Half an hour drive by jeep from Vythiri through coffee and spice plantations leads to the location of treehouse. There are only four double rooms in two treehouses in 500 acres of private secondary forest.


The 'second treehouse' has two double bedrooms one above the other at a height of 100 feet. Each has an attached bathroom with flushing toilette, telephone shower, wash basin with running water, carpeted veranda and sit-out. The access to the house is by a hanging bridge.


The Houses are made of Eco-friendly materials. The Nature Resort is designed with ethnic materials using local craftsmen, local materials and indigenous techniques used by the early inhabitants. The tribes are extensively involved with the construction and maintenance of the Nature Resort.


The 'first treehouse' has also two double bedrooms with an attached bathroom with flushing toilette, telephone shower, wash basin with running water, carpeted veranda and sit-out.


Access to this treehouse is by an indigenous cane lift working by a unique counter weight of water. This house is at a height of 90 feet and close to the Eco-lodge.


Visitors may choose to explore a number of walking trails, each promising a different adventure. These trails are made carefully so as not to disturb the surroundings.



The choice is wide from climbing to hiking across places of exceptional beauty observing indigenous fauna or exuberant vegetation. 


The abundance of flora and fauna which can be found amidst the landscape is characterised by its great bio-diversity. As you wander through the forest following its natural pathways, which leads you to charming beauty spots, view points with spectacular view of the valley below. You will be amazed by wonderful indigenous plants which emerges with every step you take and perhaps by the swift flight of birds.


Travel route & distances:

Bangalore 140 kms Mysore 150kms Vythiri 65 kms Calicut 140 kms Trichur 85 kms Cochin.


North Kerala has an ancient and varied cuisine with contrasting tastes, some of which are influenced by Arabic traditions because of the ancient trade links. In the resort the food court and the eatery has all the transparency and interaction. Most of the activities can be seen by the visitors. Menu is not complicated. Meals are prepared from the vegetables and fruits grown in the organic farm without any pesticides or chemical manure.


The aroma of spices from the kitchen stimulates the intestine to secrete the right gastric juices. The traditional and authentic Kerala delicacies usually served on banana leaves without forks and knives leads you to a finger licking experience.


The energy source is a unique combination of Solar energy, Gober gas from cow dung and Hurricane lamps with kerosene avoiding the conventional electricity and power from diesel generators, thus preventing air pollution and noise pollution.


Monkeys, birds and occasionally other animals like Sambar, wild boar and elephants are seen in nearby forests.


Under the shadow of the verdant forest amidst the fragrance of a thousand scents, where time moves according to the ancient rhythms. Where you will learn the art of living in an easy going way, gentle relaxed and care free.


Where nature has been blissfully preserved, spared of devastating urbanization. Its natural beauty kept intact, its natural springs not polluted. Its emerald forest afire with scented blossoms, a hundred varieties of tree ferns, mosses and flowering plants, flamboyant colored butterflies and birds.



Come and watch the rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna. Feel the incredible harmony of nature whispering across your heart.

Published Tariff  - with all meals including taxes.
Double Single Extra bed Taxes  
  1st April 2014 to 31 March 2015
Stream side Cottage 5500 5500 1200  Included
Treehouse 11500 11500 1500 Included
Pick up & drop from Vythiri (if needed) by jeep: Rs 1000
Not applicable if your are coming by your own car up to the resort
Check in time 12.00 Noon & Check out time 11.00 A.M.

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